A Le Marche guide

by Silvio on April 22, 2013

Le Marche Region highlights

le marche guideThe wonderful region of Le Marche Italy is the perfect location for a holiday off the beaten track, or even a second home. With its fertile farmland punctuated by medieval villages, the incredible Sibillini mountains, gorges, cool valleys and the numerous blue flag beaches at the Adriatic resorts

The Victorians used to visit Le Marche region as part of the grand tour and particularly favoured Urbino, being the birthplace of the Rennaisance.

We would urge you to combine your holiday in Le Marche with a spot of Le Marche property hunting, either way we urge you to discover the hidden gems of this area that remain off the radar for most tourists, despite the region being a stone throw across the rugged Appenine mountains from their celebrity neighbours Tuscany and Umbria.

Property hunting on your holiday in Le Marche

Most of the property on this real estate site is located in and around the medieval town of Sarnano and is being sold directly by friends and their friends. Sarnano has a wonderfully preserved Centro Storico and a Spa; which draws many people to take treatments.walking holidays le marche

Sarnano has been named by the Italian tourist board as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, it is not your usual sleepy Italian historic town, yes it has incredible architecture with tiny alleys dissecting the terracotta buildings and accommodation built as bridges across streets.It also has a great array of restaurants serving locally produced Le Marche food and numerous bars that cater for farmers, stylish tourists, night owls and music lovers.

The area is the ideal location for a family holiday in Le Marche holiday, there are parks and Summer funfairs, horse riding and donkey trekking, walking and a multitude of for outdoor activities, many are listed in this Le Marche Guide

The Sibillini Mountains & the Sibillini National Park

The area is little known but an absolutely place for an walking holiday in Italy, the giro D’Italia also often choose the area for part of the annual cycle race and increasing numbers are coming for Italian cycling holidays at Sarnano as its is only one kilometre from the Sibillini National park that was created 20 years ago to protect the flaura and fauna in this rugged section of the Apennine Mountains.

There are many peaks over 2000m, great mountain refuges where you can “Mangia bene e Spende Poco”, there are superb lakes that include Fiastra with its beaches, restaurants and superb Summer swimming, dramatic gorges, ancient villages and churches, ski resorts and numerous extreme sports.

Culture in Le Marche

Sarnano is well located for some of the best towns and places of cultural importance in the region. We strongly recommend that you tour Le Marches most impressive towns and medieval villages which are home to bustling markets , museums, art and theatres, roman ruins, ancient churches and castelli. Many towns play host to Le Marche festas during the Spring and Summer months regular. Check out these Le Marche itineraries for more information on where to go and what to see.

This part of Le Marche is really well served by airports and is only 1hr 20 mins to 2 hrs 15 mins away from 4 airports.


Italian Walking Holidays

by Silvio on January 21, 2012

Hiking in Sibillini Mountains of Le Marche

A stunning walking holiday destination off the beaten track

The history that etches its imprint on Italy,s wonderful landscape makes it the ideal destination for any hiker, rambler of walker, but with all this choice, where do you go? Research into the subject and you will typically be directed to the Dolomites, the Alps or maybe Tuscany, but, if you drill down a bit further you will find that the Appennine Mountains that form the spine of italy, ensure that most of the peninsular has rolling hills that tumble down to the coast. One such area is Le Marche and Sibillini National Park in central tre of Italy.

Walking in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park

Despite its proximity to noisy neighbours Tuscany and Umbria, few tourists experience the charms of the stunning region of Le Marche. The landscape has been shaped by both Agriculture and wars that have seen these lands change hands from local warlords to the French and until quite recently to Vatican rule.

This feudal history led inevitably to the many fortified medieval towns that adorn the fertile terrain and “campanilismo” or a loyalty to the cultures, foods, wines and traditions that are unique to each province, frazione and village.  The Italians say that Le Marche is “all of Italy in one region” as it offers the visitor an incredible diversity . Here you will find the Adriatic beaches with their stylish Art Nouveaux Villas and sumptuous seafood dinners, Magnificent Cities with an impressive array of Culture on offer, undulating hills and woodlands with many tracks and trails through unusual species of flora and fauna, walled villages with mazy cobbled streets, quirky local shops and slow food in delicatessans and ristorante. Finally, we come to the omnipresent Apennine mountains that provide the dramatic backdrop to Le Marche. Le Marche is still relatively undiscovered and great for walking off the beaten track.Italian hiking holiday

Le Marche region hinterlands

As you move inland from the wide sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea you start ascending through olive groves, orchards and vineyards and  until you finally reach the Apennines and the Sibillini National Park which covers 40 square kilometres that encompass the highest peaks. The Sibillini Mountains include many 2000m plus peaks and territory that is untouched by the ravages of mass tourism.

Sibillini Mountain trail walking

Using a topographical map that is available from most local Tabacchi or Cartolibrerie you can follow white roads and paths without seeing another person all day. These routes or sentieri traverse meadows full of wild flowers and hawks hovering overhead, follow rivers and a number of Italy’s most awesome gorges. At the top there are a number of ski resorts and the scenery opens out to reveal amazing wind sculpted ridges that can be scaled and followed in every direction to reveal the rich colours of the region below.

Le Marche’s Monti Azzurri

The collection of hill towns that surround the Sibillini National Park were named “I Monti Azzurri” or the “blue mountains” by the Le Marche poet Giacomo Leopardi and these areas have collaborated to form a Tourist board that promote this area that includes many stunningly beautiful towns such as Amandola, San Ginesio and Sarnano, the latter is a perfectly preserved medieval town and named one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It has a fantastic preserved centro storico that is home to a number of great ristorante, squares and a buzzing late music bar Memphis belle. The town has a past taht is stepped in agricultural tradition and a sprawling cattle market, the legacy is a town with 8 butchers and over 20 places to eat.

Le Marche Villa San Raffaello is  located just on the edge of Sibillini National Park, and only 1 km from Sarnano. They organise self-guided Italy walking holidays for those interested in discovering this beautiful part of Italy on foot. For more information on a walking holiday in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park, try the two links below:

Sibillini and Le Marche walking holiday on the walkingholidayinfo.co.uk website.

Information on walking holidays in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park on the website of villa San Raffaello.

The Le Marche travel guide on wikitravel provides the traveller with plenty more information on the area, and the website of Sibillini National Park.

Also visit the Italy Country page for more information on walking in Italy in general. Or go to the overview page of walking holidays in Italy where you will find a wide selection of guided and self-guided walking holidays in Italy’s most beautiful regions.


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